Tiffany Alvord

YouTube Superstar With More Than 3,000,000 Subscribers

Tiffany came to my Orange County studio for singing lessons and I was so proud of her showing off her beautiful voice in this video. Watch her sing “This Is Me” live for Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Zac Efron, Keala Settle and “This Is Me” co-writer Justin Paul. Then watch these HUGE superstars gush about her beautiful voice and performance! I also am David Frank’s vocal coach (the harmony singer/guitarist in this video). Check out David’s testimonial by clicking here (he’s the second one down from the top.)

Below are videos of Tiffany talking about her voice lessons with me and some clips of her taking a lesson.

“Hey guys, I’m Tiffany Alvord (3,000,000+ YouTube subscribers and 350,000,000 + channel views When I first came to Thomas I could barely sing a B above middle C in full voice. I always felt like I was straining, that I didn’t have power, that I’d never be a strong singer and never be able to belt (code for singing high notes in full voice). Then I met Thomas and at the first lesson he had me singing higher than I’d ever sung before. He’s kind of like a magician. Now I can easily sing a HIGH C and even higher than that so I’m really excited because now I know that it really is all about technique.”

– Tiffany Alvord

Here’s a video of Tiffany during one of her singing lessons with me at Appell Voice Studio in Orange County, CA.

Ben Zarai

Emmy Award Winning Composer and Music Producer

“I’ve been a musician all of my life and one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is to be able to sing very well but I always felt very limited because my normal speaking voice is a baritone and I could never seem to be able to hit a note higher than about E above middle C and have it sound halfway decent. I started one week ago (training) with Thomas. That very first day I hit in full voice a high E thanks to the techniques that Thomas showed me and it was not hard. I actually was able to do it very easily and realize that this is an octave above the E that I previously had to really strain to hit. Now it’s been one week. I’m back and today I hit an Ab5 (above tenor high C) and it sounds probably better than the E5 (above tenor High C) that I hit the week before. I’m very excited about the possibilities this is opening up for me. I’m going to be able to sing things I never thought I would ever be able to sing much sooner than I ever thought I’d be able to do it and it’s all thanks to Thomas’ instruction, following his advice and practicing the lessons that he’s given me.”

– Ben Zarai/Emmy Award-Winning Film Composer

You can check out Ben’s website and impressive list of film credits at

Sara Haze

Country Singer/Songwriter

“Thomas helped me increase my range and my full voice has gained so much power. He is a great vocal coach and really cares about his students. I’ve seen so much improvement in myself and other students he works with.”

– Sara Haze

Note: Sara is signed to Universal Music as a songwriter and co-wrote the song “Riot” for Rascal Flatts. Sara has opened for Hunter Hayes and in July 2014 performed with Little Big Town to a sold out crowd at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Orange County.

Dennis Walsh

Father of Anna Walsh

“My name is Dennis Walsh. Anna Walsh is my daughter. Thomas Appell has been Anna’s vocal coach since she was 11 years old. As parents, my wife and I have been very happy with the level of professionalism of Thomas and even more pleased with the results. I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with Thomas. He’s great. If you’re looking for a vocal coach or music producer, I highly recommend Thomas Appell.”

– Dennis Walsh

Anna Walsh

Pop Singer/Songwriter From Orange County, CA

“My name is Anna Walsh. Thomas Appell has been my vocal coach since I was 11 years old. We first started out with vocal technique and now I can sing above a HIGH C without straining. That’s pretty awesome! I never thought that I would be able to do that. If you’d like to take your voice to the highest level give Thomas Appell a call. He’s helped me so much and I bet he can do the same for you.”

– Anna Walsh/Pop Singer

Jake Rush

USC Musical Theatre Major

“Hi my name’s Jake Rush and I came to see Thomas because I’m going to be a theatre major at USC in two months. I had a short amount of time to get my voice ready for being in plays/musicals there. I found Thomas on his website online. I figured supervised (daily) training would be the best way to go because I had such a short amount of time to train my voice.

At first I thought it was too good to be true – the reviews I saw on the internet but it’s absolutely that – it’s incredible. When I first came in I could barely sing an F above middle C (F4). Now I’m singing comfortably up to an F above tenor high C (F5 in full voice – not falsetto) – a full octave of improvement. I’ve improved every aspect of my singing. I would very much recommend this (training with Thomas) to anyone that’s considering it.”

Sam Santiago

8 Year Old Singing Sensation

“Hello this is Carmina Santiago, Sam Santiago’s mom and I just wanted to say thank you to Thomas Appell for training Sam, teaching him how to sing high notes without straining, how to sing with vibrato, and style. The times we’ve been to his recording studio he was very patient with Sam. He’s got a lot of techniques that he got him to sing very well and I would greatly recommend him to everyone out there. He’s an awesome vocal coach.”

Check out Sam singing Rolling In the Deep at age 8. It will blow you away!

David Tehadillas

Karaoke Singer From Tokyo, Japan

“I saw your book, I ordered it, and I liked what I saw. I looked you up. I sent you an email and we arranged the lessons. I knew it was going to be good but this has blown away any expectations I had. This has just been so amazing. The first day I hit a tenor high C in full voice. Today (second day) I hit a soprano high C in falsetto which is really, really cool. If you’re out there and you’re thinking about whether you should come or not – you should come. You should come see Thomas.”