“Thomas is the guy to go to. I vouch for him. I don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t step into this studio.

Chase McGuireActor

“Thomas Appell has been my first vocal coach. He’s really helped me increase my range and helped with my style.”

Julia TurriniSinger/Songwriter

“In that first lesson Thomas had me singing a C above soprano high C which was crazy and beyond my wildest dreams!”

Canadian Classical SingerSinger

“Training with you is my pleasure. I have increased my range by 8-10 notes of full voice. I can sing higher than I ever imagined with no straining. You are the best!”

Pawni PandeIndian Pop Singer/5th Runner Up for Little Champs

“People are blown away by Caleb’s voice. He can hit the high notes like it’s no big deal.” – Bill Keller/Father

Caleb Keller12 Year Old Singer
Long TranThomas changed my life! My voice, my singing - everything. It’s like a dream come true!

Aaron Broering

Professional Singer from Orange County, CA

“My name is Aaron Broering and I actually started a band called Desperado – an Eagles tribute band. I’ve had to play and sing the Don Henley and Glenn Fry parts for a great many years. I also have to perform Beach Boys music and tour occasionally with Dean Torrance of Jan and Dean and I’ve played with assorted members from the Beach Boys doing Beach Boys music as well. In just a few lessons Thomas has helped me unlock some, not only potential, but some of the things that were locking up my voice.

December 16th 2018, I have it written in the calendar, and fortunately I have a CD to prove that were some things you either have to pinch yourself or kick yourself or go, ‘Wait a minute? Are you kidding me? Play that again… I just did that? I did What? Are you kidding me? That was the note I just hit?’ It didn’t feel like I was doing anything out of the ordinary. It (the lesson) unlocked something in the throat posture which is very, very elaborated on inside Thomas’ book (Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining?) about the vocal folds and the incredible contractions and relaxations of certain muscles groups that have to be able to unlock these potentials. This was without a doubt the most ground-breaking voice lesson I’ve ever done in my life as a full voice pop tenor singer  that I’m trying to become and maintain.

I was kept to a vocal certain range in college as a classical singer, classically trained, they never let me sing above an Eb4 and locked me away – Eb4 and below. Well obviously then you’re left with all sorts of your own gasterdly devices to try to sing above an Eb4 in full voice. In Thomas’ lesson on December 16th I was hitting a full voice D5 above high C and some other super high notes that I never thought were possible in today’s lesson.”

Long Tran

Singer from Hanoi, Viet Nam

“Hello! My name is Long and I’m from Hanoi, Viet Nam. I’m 26 years old now and I’ve always wanted to sing – ever since I was a child. Just over a year ago I started training with various vocal coaches but what happened was I found out my voice is sraining all over the place and whenever I would attempt a high note it was just like screaming. After an hour of training vocal technique I couldn’t even speak normally anymore I thought that something must be wrong here because you know I see singers singing for four and five hours straight without straining like that so I must’ve done something wrong. So I was looking for more information and that’s when I found the book by Thomas Can You Sing a High C Without Straining and it turned out that I could! I bought the book and it made sense in a way that it explains everything that’s going on with my singing in a scientific way, what’s happening in our throats what’s happening when I sing. It really made sense to me so I decided that I have to go here to come to California to train with Thomas.

I set aside a time about three months ago and I flew over here to California from Hanoi to train with Thomas. We trained for two to three hours a day six days per week for three and a half months and I really enjoyed it! I learned so much! He taught me good vocal technique for singing so now I can sing 2 to 3 hours straight without straining at all. I extended my range to sing notes that I couldn’t even imagine singing before. All the high notes that I couldn’t reach before when screaming now I can sing them comfortably without even straining. There was a day when I had to sing for four hours straight and after that I still felt fine. That’s a miracle! He also taught me the tonal quality and how to bring out my best tone for others to hear. My voice just sounds so much nicer now when I sing. Another thing that he helped me with was my vibrato. Before, my vibrato was all over the place. I couldn’t control it . I didn’t sound nice at all. He taught me how to control my vibrato – that’s another big thing as well. Another thing that we trained for constantly was ear training so that I can sing the songs in tune. I’ve gotten so much here training now from Thomas that I can sing so much more in tune than I could before. Because before even when I know a tune so well it was all out of tune. I had to practice a lot and it was still terrible.

Another thing that we worked and spend a lot of time on was song lessons. This is very cool because in the song lessons he taught me a lot of different vocal tricks that we applied into the song directly along with all the vocal technique. If you listen to my songs that he produced for me (he actually got around to producing three songs for me) and if you listen to them on my YouTube channel and you will find out that all these vocal techniques are applied and also the vocal tricks are applied into the songs that I have – and trust me I did not sound like that before I came over here to see him at all! Before that I couldn’t even sing in front of another person. Now I am confident enough to put myself on YouTube which is a huge step up for me. It’s really like a dream come true for me because now I can see myself on YouTube and be proud of it and that’s really something. So if you are a serious singer and you just haven’t found a direction yet or if you just want to learn how to sing then give Thomas a call. He really changed my life, my singing voice, everything about it was changed and so he could change yours to.

In three days I’m going to go back to Vietnam, because you know my time is up here and I can still train with him using Skype because he offers Skype lessons as well. So if you are far away and you have an Internet connection you can also call him to take vocal technique lessons via Skype. I hope this was helpful so see you later.

Oh, another thing as you can probably tell English is not my first language so to be able to sing perfectly in English is very difficult for me. Thomas helped me a lot with the pronunciation. We actually used the International Phonetic Alphabet  (IPA) to help with picking the right and the correct pronunciation for every single word. If you are an international singer and you want to sing in English perfectly then give Thomas a call because he helped me a lot and I’m sure that he can help you too.

David Michael Frank

YouTube Cover Artist/Singer

“I took my starter lesson with Thomas and it was great. The very top part of my range is something that a lot of voice teachers are scared to touch. Thomas was all about it! He understood what I wanted to work on in terms of stamina, strength and technique and he took it a step further.” (Much more from David in the testimonial video – David has now had more than 30 hours of voice technique lessons with me)

– David Michael Frank

APPELL VOICE STUDIO - Chase McGuire testimonial for Orange County Vocal Coach Thomas Appell - Making Singer's Dreams Come True

Chase McGuire


“Hey guys – my name is Chase McGuire. Thomas was my vocal coach (and I consider him a career coach) for a year and a half. After I studied with Thomas I moved up to Los Angeles and through the training that I got here and through learning from him I got to meet a couple of people that work for 4 AD, they work for SideOneDummy  – a lot of the rock genres and yea I’m here to make this video to really attest to his training. I know that he has a book out called Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? that is very successful that has helped thousands, maybe millions of singers out there. Thomas focuses on helping you out with your career and where you want to be and where you want to get to.

He can help you record a demo if you need a demo, he can produce your songs, he can record a music video for you. And that’s the kind of things I’m talking about – where he’s your career coach. So if you want to get involved in the music business – whatever genre it is, I think that this is the first stop that you should come to and Thomas is the first guy that you should talk to because he’ll get you on the right path. Thank you.”

Julia Turrini - Pop Singer Trained by Vocal Coach Thomas Appell at APPELL VOICE STUDIO in Orange County, CA

Julia Turrini


“Thomas Appell has been my first vocal coach. He’s really helped me increase my range and helped with my style. Before I came to Thomas my vibrato was like all over the place – now I can control it. Now I’m recording in the studio and it’s a lot of fun. If you’re considering taking lessons I would consider coming to him because he helps with everything. You should give him a call. One of the most memorable experiences working with Thomas was when we played back my first recording for my mom and she started crying. I just wouldn’t have been able to pull off that song (Waiting for the Light) without his help.”

Julia’s dad…. “To hear her recordings after her 12 basic sessions and all of the training that she’s done was absolutely stunning.”

Canadian Pop Singer Trained by Vocal Coach Thomas Appell at APPELL VOICE STUDIO in Orange County, CA

Canadian Opera and Classical Singer


“I got an email from amazon.com recommending books I might be interested in and Thomas’ book showed up. I ordered it and the very next day I was on the phone to Thomas, talking to him and I was just so blown away that I said, ‘I’ve got to go down and see this guy.’ There was no question about it. Within a few days I was on a plane. I got up at four in the morning, flew to California, walked off the plane exhausted (as you can imagine) and walked into the studio and we had our first lesson.

In that first lesson he had me singing a C above soprano high C which was crazy and beyond my wildest dreams. It’s been an amazing experience. Thomas is just such a wealth of knowledge and his understanding of the voice as an instrument is just incredible. It’s surpassed my expectations of why I came and what I needed to do. Thomas has taught me a great deal in a very short time period. He brings it all together so you get the range, the quality of sound, the ease of production – everything you really need to know to sing well.”

Pawni Pande - Indian Pop Singer Trained by Vocal Coach Thomas Appell at APPELL VOICE STUDIO in Orange County, CA

Pawni Pande

In 2017 Pawni had an international mega-hit with the song Laila Main Laila from the movie Raees. The YouTube video featuring Pawni singing has more than 250 million views. Pawni flew from Mumbai, India to train with me 6 days a week for a month when she was 16.

“We found your website, the testimonials and the songs to be fantastic. Training with you is my pleasure. I never ever dreamt that I would cross the seven seas to the U.S. for my vocal training (Pawni flew 8,400 miles from India to train with me for a month). I have increased my range by 8-10 notes of full voice. I really like my sound. My voice used to shake and it used to shrill and it never used to sound that good on high notes. Now after the vocal technique lessons I sound really nice and really rich and I can sing higher than I ever imagined with no straining. You are the best.”

Pawni was in the top 5 of Little Champs, India’s version of American Idol and was voted by the judges to be the most talented 16 year old singer in all of India.

Caleb Keller - Pop Singer Trained by Vocal Coach Thomas Appell at APPELL VOICE STUDIO in Orange County, CA.

Caleb Keller

At Age 12 Sang the National Anthem at the Staples Center for a Clipper’s Game in Front of 21,000 Fans

“People are blown away by Caleb’s voice. He can hit the high notes like it’s no big deal. In front of 21,000 people at the Staples Center he just laid it out… when he came walking back he got a standing ovation. People that have seen the video are saying like, “I can’t believe that voice is coming out of that body.” He’s got real control. It’s been pretty amazing.”