On this page you can watch music videos of singers I’ve trained.


Tiffany Alvord

Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Cover By Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany Alvord is a professional cover artist on YouTube. She has more than 3 million YouTube subscribers and is a passionate singer and songwriter. On our first day of singing lessons with me we did three sessions – my introductory lesson and the first two hours of my Fundamental Series lessons. By the end of the first hour lesson she was singing seven notes higher than she had ever sung before! To say say she was excited would be an understatement and I was happy to be able to help such a deserving artist.

She completed all 12 Fundamental Series lessons and recorded this Taylor Swift cover shortly after our training. I love her twist on this song and she slayed the vocals! And the intro is hilarious!



Classic Rock Music – Pink Floyd – Time – Cover By Baushes

Baushes had never sung before taking singing lessons with me at Appell Voice Studio. Note one note! He’s one of the most improved students I’ve ever trained. Love his tone!!! I produced all of the music for this cover and that’s me playing lead and bass guitars.

Classic Rock Music – All of Me – John Legend – Cover By Baushes

Singing lessons transformed Baushes into a vocal powerhouse. I produced all of the music for this cover and play all of the guitars. Pat Leon on drums.


Pawni Pande

Laila Main Laila | Shah Rukh Khan | Sunny Leone | Singer – Pawni Pandey | From the Movie Raees

Pawni Pande is gifted singer who lives in Mumbai, India. When she was just 16 years old she had been surfing the internet looking for a vocal coach who could help her increase her range. She found my website and after watching some of the music videos I’ve posted she called me and we arranged for her to fly to California to take singing lessons with me at my Orange County studio and record a song. We trained 6 days a week, 2-3 hours per day for three weeks straight and in the fourth week we recorded her singing a song I had co-written with another young girl, “My Dream.” Pawni slayed the song!

When we first started training she could only sing high notes in falsetto. After her fourth week working with me she had extended her full voice range by 8-10 notes and could sing a C6 comfortably in full voice with good tone.

Pawni’s latest music video, produced by Zee Music Company in India was the most watched video on YouTube 12/23/16 and received more than 60,000,000 views in the first three weeks. Last time I checked her music video had close to a half billion views! Click here to watch Pawni’s video testimonial of the training I gave her.


Saosin – You’re Not Alone

I had the pleasure of working with Cove, Beau, Justin and Chris from Saosin to help them with their vocal technique and get them ready for live radio shows. We worked on harmony arrangements, phrasing – everything you would expect for a great live show. In addition to helping Saosin with their singing lessons, the band’s manager (Arthur Spivak) had me educate the band members about what foods to eat so they would avoid colds and the flu. Funny but true story… Got a call one afternoon from the band from their tour bus. They were on the road in between gigs and had forgotten some of the ingredients in the delicious salads I had shown them how to make. When they were at my studio I had made them all the Thomas special salads and they pretty much got hooked which is what I was hoping for. I encourage every singer I train to eat healthy food that helps preserve their voice.

After completing 10 Fundamental Series singing lessons Cove could sing up to C6 in full voice! I freakin’ love You’re Not Alone! This is such a good song. It was pretty surreal recording this song with Cove at my studio in preparation for their live radio shows.

“Saosin was a great band because of Cove. I fell in love with Saosin when Cove became the new singer.”

– Jasmin 

THE OFFSPRING – Kristy Are You Doin’ Okay

One of the coolest and most successful artist I gave singing lessons to was Noodles from THE OFFSPRING. I had trained the drummer’s brother (Jim Welty) who used to tell me about his younger brother’s garage band. That band later became THE OFFSPRING and has sold more than 60,000,000 albums – more than Taylor Swift at the time of this update in 2015! The band liked what I had done for Jim so one afternoon I got a call from Ron Welty, drummer for THE OFFSPRING. He told me their guitarist (Noodles) needed voice lessons, primarily to expand his range so he could sing vocal doubles and harmonies with Dexter Holland (the lead singer). Dexter already sings pretty high so this was a tall order but on his first lesson I explained why anyone with a healthy voice could sing very high notes without straining. He understood the concept and by his second lesson I had him singing comfortably seven notes higher than he had ever sung before!

He got a copy of my book and went through my entire 12 hour Fundamental Series lessons. My success record for teaching singers how to sing a HIGH C without straining is pretty close to 100% so I wasn’t surprised about Noodle’s vocal achievement with my training, but of course I was really happy for him because I feel like I made a difference in his career. I also taught him how to sing with vibrato, how to get great sounding tone and how to breathe for singing. The band’s next record (Americana) sold more than 10,000,000 copies and they were kind enough to list me in the credits.


Brody Dolyniuk

Led Zeppelin – Ramble On – Cover By Brody Dolyniuk

“If you want to sound like Robert Plant, go see Thomas Appell.”

–  Brody Dolyniuk (Spoken from the stage at Brody’s Zeppelin USA gig at the Coach House.)

Led Zeppelin – Rock and Roll – Cover By Brody Dolyniuk

Brody wore a wig for this gig – went for the full Robert Plant experience with vocal, hair and moves.

Boston – Smokin’ – Cover By Brody Dolyniuk

I’ve never heard anyone sing this song this well!

Sam Santiago - Pop Singer Trained by Vocal Coach Thomas Appell at APPELL VOICE STUDIO in Orange County, CA

Sam Santiago

Adele – Rolling the Deep – Cover By Sam Santiago

Singing lessons with Sam was an amazing experience. He’s such a crazy talented kid! Where can you find an 8 year old who can cover Journey songs and kill it!

Vocal recording and vocal coaching by Thomas Appell.

Amazing Grace – Cover By Sam Santiago

Vocal recording and coaching by Thomas Appell.

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Cover By Sam Santiag At Age 7

Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ – Cover By Sam Santiag At Age 8

Music production and vocal coaching by Thomas Appell.

Journey – Faithfully – Cover By Sam Santiago

Vocal recording and coaching by Thomas Appell.

As the Deer/I Love You Lord Medley – Cover By Sam Santiago

Vocal recording and coaching by Thomas Appell.

Star Spangled Banner – Cover By Sam Santiago

Vocal recording and coaching by Thomas Appell.

Oh Holy Night – Cover By Sam Santiago

Vocal recording and coaching by Thomas Appell.

Journey – Lights – Cover By Sam Santiago

Vocal recording and coaching by Thomas Appell.

Bruno Mars – Grenade – Cover By Sam Santiago

Vocal recording and coaching by Thomas Appell.

Star Spangled Banner – Cover By Sam Santiago

Performed at the Lake Elsinore Diamond 4th of July Game featuring the STORM “Super A” minor league affiliate of the San Diego Padres.