Coronavirus Prevention

I’m a vocal coach. So why would I care about about preventing colds, the flu and other viruses like COVID-19? The answer is simple. My students can’t sing when they’re sick.

I was the first vocal coach in history to figure out how to extend the range of the human voice – without straining! In 1993 I wrote my book Can You Sing a HIGH C – Without Straining? that’s become a benchmark for vocal coaches worldwide. Singers fly from around the world to train with me because my success ratio is pretty close to 100%.

I soon realized that after giving my students great vocal technique, the #1 enemy of their voice was catching a cold or the flu. When Noodles from THE OFFSPRING (one of my former students) has a sold out show, getting sick is catastrophic! Flu remedies don’t cure flu symptoms, they just sooth them temporarily. They often have undesirable side effects and are expensive. Plus who likes stuffing drugs into their body? What’s better than taking remedies? Not getting sick in the first place so you don’t need the remedies. You don’t want the symptoms – not for one minute! 

I went on a personal quest to find out how to prevent viruses from gaining a foothold in my body. I had the epiphany of a lifetime when I discovered how to do this. The first group of singers I trained who agreed to try what I’m doing experienced a 98% DECREASE in the number of cold/flu episodes in a two year study. I wrote a book titled Never Get Another Cold that explains how they did it. 

The San Clemente Times newspaper published an article about me where I explain my approach to virus prevention. If I’m exposed to COVID-19, I don’t want to get sick. The writer of this article, Fred Swegles (50 years of journalism experience), did a great job of presenting compelling reasons why my approach works. This is an article you all should read!

COVID-19 hit hard in 2020, but it’s still around to haunt us. This video is about how to avoid catching COVID-19, but the information I share can apply to any virus. Click here to find out why people can go decades without getting the flu.

How I Personally Help Protect Myself From Covid-19

“The coronavirus may thrive in an environment of increased blood glucose.”

      – International Diabetes Federation

This is exactly what I’ve found to be true in every previous strain of the flu I’ve encountered. Anything I eat that spikes my blood sugar makes me an immediate host for a virus.

Even if I’ve been perfectly healthy without getting sick for a decade, if I ate a hamburger or pizza or pasta (all made using refined wheat flour), or sweets my blood glucose (sugar) level will spike and in 20 minutes I’ve made my body a likely host for the Corona or any other virus. I can also spike my blood glucose by eating too much high sugar fruit at one sitting.

Lucia Bartoli (who hasn’t had the flu in 55 years) and Mike Finnerty (who has never had the flu) do not eat anything with sugar added! That’s one of the secrets I found out after interviewing them both about their diet.

Can you see why Covid-19 is spreading so fast?  People from around the world love sugary drinks, pasta and sweets. But if I want to help keep my body inhospitable to the flu, I won’t be eating anything that spikes my blood glucose level. This includes pasta, pizza, candy, ice cream, soft drinks, energy drinks and energy bars.