Singing Lessons at Appell Voice Studio Work! Take a moment to watch my welcome video.

I like delivering great results fast. There are many more testimonials on the testimonials page but watch these three video testimonials now to hear first-hand what Anna Walsh, her father and Aaron Broering have to say about singing lessons with me.

Anna Walsh

Pop Singer/Songwriter From Orange County, CA

Dennis Walsh

Father of APPELL VOICE STUDIO student Anna Walsh

Aaron Broering

Lead singer for Desperado, Eagles cover band

Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? If not, let me show you how! I have 50,000+ hours of experience training singers, writing and producing music. There are many video testimonials of singers I’ve trained here on this site for you to watch that prove how fast and effective the training is. Singing lessons at Appell Voice Studio work!

2 Ways To Train

#1 In-Studio Recording Area. I’m prepared to give safe and effective singing lessons in the age of COVID-19! I train singers in a recording studio.  I’ll be in the control room and you’ll be in the tracking room. We’re separated by 1/2″ thick plate glass. We can see and hear each other, but can be comfortably separate. No need to wear a mask to feel perfectly safe. You’ll be recording your vocals with world class mics and pre-amps. The sound quality is superb!  Works great for kids and parents are welcome to join their kids in the studio during lessons. Your lessons will be recorded to MP3 files which I send to you after the lesson via Dropbox.

#3 Skype Lessons. Skype technology works so well now that when I teach, I hear you as well as if you were standing right next to me in the studio singing. It’s amazing! I record your lesson to MP3 files and send them to you via Dropbox after the lesson. I’ve given Skype lessons to singers around the world for years now. It’s a proven, effective way to learn how to sing a HIGH C without straining and improve your vocal technique without ever leaving your home!

If you’d like to set up an introductory lesson or get more information about singing lessons at my studio please call:

APPELL VOICE STUDIO (949) 382-5911

I’ve trained thousands of singers to sing high notes without straining, including Noodles from the OFFSPRING, Cove Reber from Saosin, Beau Bokan from Bless the Fall, Melissa Schuman from Dream and YouTube superstar Tiffany Alvord. They’ve all allowed me the privilege of being their vocal coach!

After only two voice lessons with me at my Orange County studio Noodles had already increased his full voice range by 7 notes and the band’s next record (Americana) sold more than 10 million copies with a special thank you to me in the liner notes! After 3 voice lessons with me Melissa Schuman had increased her full voice range by 8 notes! Tiffany Alvord increased her full voice range by 7 notes on the first day of her training! 

When looking for a vocal coach the most important things to consider are “What do the singers sound like that take voice lessons at this studio?” and “What do they say about the vocal instruction they’ve received?” Before going anywhere else on this site, please take a few minutes and click on the Testimonials and Video links. Listen to what my students have to say about singing lessons at APPELL VOICE STUDIO and what they sound like after training with me.

Voice Lessons With Thomas Appell

Voice Lessons That Work!

I’ve been a vocal coach in Orange County, CA for more than a quarter of a century, and I’ve had the privilege of training more than 4,000 singers how to sing a HIGH C without straining! Why are my vocal lessons so effective? Learn More.

Voice Lessons That Inspire!

I’ve given a lot of voice lessons to famous professional singers with spectacular results, but I love training beginners too! If you’re new to singing but want to sing like a pro, you’re a prime candidate for voice lessons at APPELL VOICE STUDIO. Learn More.

Voice lessons With Vocal Coach Thomas Appell Work Great For Country

Voice Lessons That Motivate!

Can you sing a HIGH C without straining? If not, you’ll learn how with singing lessons at APPELL VOICE STUDIO. If I’m your vocal coach, I promise to show you conclusive proof at our first lesson why anyone with a healthy voice can learn to sing high notes safely and comfortably with lots of power. Learn More.

Voice Lessons That Rock!

If you’re devoting time to improve your singing, it’s important to take vocal instruction with proven results. Learn More.

Sam Santiago Can Sing a HIGH C Without Straining After Taking Voice Lessons With Orange County Vocal Coach Thomas Appell. Thomas Appell gives singing lessons, vocal lessons, vocal training, voice lessons, and vocal instruction to singers close to Orange, Riverside and Los Angeles County, CA.

Voice Lessons That Nurture Talent!

You’ll be happy to know that vocal training at my studio works great for kids. Would you like to know why it’s safe for your child to take private lessons before puberty? Learn More.

I’ve been a vocal coach in Orange County since 1987 – delivering more than 30 years of top level voice training to Orange County singers! Singers often drive in from Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego Counties to take voice lessons with me and many fly to Orange County for vocal instruction at my studio from around the world. Singers have come from as far away as India, Austria, France, Germany, Japan, Canada, England and The Netherlands to work with me as their singing coach so if you live within a few hours of APPELL VOICE STUDIO, you’ve got it easy!

I teach in a super cool recording studio and write, arrange, record and produce music for the singers I train. If you want to go all the way as a pro singer I can give you the voice, the music and the marketing to help realize your dream.

I’ve written one of the best-selling books in the world about singing, Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? Singers from around the world have unlocked the mystery of how to sing high notes by reading this book.

My book is a great resource but not intended to take the place of the fastest way to improve your voice: private one-on-one voice training. Singing lessons at my Orange County studio start with a 45 minute Introductory lesson.

May God bless your singing!

Thomas Appell


Studio: (949) 382-5911

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