Vocal Coach Thomas Appell – I Love Giving Voice Lessons To Beginners

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It’s true that I’ve given voice lessons to some really famous professional singers like Noodles from THE OFFSPRING, Tiffany Alvord and Danny Casler from Pennywise. But don’t think that you have to already be a pro singer to take voice lessons with me. If you’re just starting out on your journey towards becoming a great singer, I’m just as excited to to give you the voice of your dreams as I am for someone that’s sold millions of records. What really motivates me is seeing my students progress. What makes my day is when someone comes in for voice lessons at my studio and they’re blown away by the level of training they get and the results.

The best is when they go home and can sing songs they’ve never been able to sing before and then send me an email like this:

I am so excited!!! Thank you, again, for such an amazing lesson! I came straight home and had to try and sing, “Alone”. I have NEVER been able to sing the chorus more than one note into it before I switched into falsetto. I just now sang the chorus STRAIGHT THROUGH in full voice!!!! What I love about your approach is you have a well thought out direction for my voice/goals and have givin me a solid plan of action to acheive those goals. I can’t wait to see you again for our next session next week!

– Rose DeSimone

This sounds great! I want to start voice lessons with Thomas Appell ASAP!