For most of you, singing a HIGH C, which is an octave above middle C (C5) seems impossible. You probably think the people that can do it are born with some sort of genetic gift to be able to sing high notes. It’s natural you would think that because that’s what vocal coaches have taught throughout all of history until 1993. Before 1993 if you took voice lessons, the general practice was for your vocal coach to work with the range you came in with. Your tone would improve, you would be singing with better intonation, but your range would be the same. The idea that you could extend the range of your voice was considered as crazy as going to a basketball coach and learning how to grow an extra foot or two taller.

In 1993 I published a groundbreaking book, Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? I showed conclusively that singing high notes was a muscular feat anyone can learn with a healthy voice. I had been teaching singers how to do this for more than a decade, so I knew I was right. Since I started out as a vocal coach in 1982 I’ve given singing lessons to more than 4,000 singers who have all learned how to sing a HIGH C without straining in full voice – not falsetto. Singers have flown from around the world to train with me (India, Japan, England, Austria, The Netherlands, Germany, to name a few) and scores of vocal coaches from around the globe snapped up Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? so they could offer this amazing teaching to their students.

While my book is really informative, it’s not a substitute for private one-on-one singing lessons. There are some areas where you need me to be listening to you going, “No. Not like that. Yes. There you go – that’s the tone you want.” It’s my ear that can size up your vocal technique in an instant and tell you exactly what you need to do that makes private singing lessons at my studio the fastest path to advancement for any singer considering voice training.

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