Tiffany Alvord Testimonial

Hey guys, I’m Tiffany Alvord (1,800,000+ YouTube subscribers and 350,000,000 + channel views When I first came to Thomas I could barely sing a B above middle C in full voice. I always felt like I was straining, that I didn’t have power, that I’d never be a strong singer and never be able to belt (code for singing high notes in full voice). But then I found Thomas – it’s kind of a funny story. My mom was actually watching one of my videos and there was an ad on the side that said “Wanna sing a HIGH C?” So she said, “Oh, we might as well give it a try.”

I’d been to a couple of voice coaches before but no one taught me the right way to sing. Then I met Thomas and at the first lesson he had me singing higher than I’d ever sung before. He’s kind of like a magician. Now I can easily sing a HIGH C and even higher than that so I’m really excited because now I know that it really is all about technique. You can’t limit yourself by saying you can’t sing because you can if you want to.

I highly recommend Thomas Appell’s voice coaching because he knows what he’s talking about. And what’s really cool about his vocal training is that he also does via Skype. So you can do it anywhere – all the way around the world. So if I’m traveling I could Skype him and we could still have our vocal lesson.

Thomas Appell actually has a book and he has in the book everything you need to know about your voice. And what’s really cool is that once you learn what’s going on inside of you when you’re singing, you can learn what you need to do in order to sing high – in order to belt a HIGH C. All of that is in his book, Can You Sing a HIGH C Without Straining? Now I can proudly say I can – and it’s all because of Thomas. Bye!”

– Tiffany Alvord