Music Video Spotlight

Anna Walsh started training with me at APPELL VOICE STUDIO at age 11. By age 16 she was a vocal powerhouse! She has so much fun when performing! We shot this video at Riley Wilderness Park for a cool rustic vibe. We both love One Republic and had a blast making this tune rock!

I’ve taught more than 4,000 singers how to sing a HIGH C Without Straining including Noodles from The Offspring (8 note range increase after second lesson), Pennywise, Of Mice and Men, Saosin, YouTube Superstar Tiffany Alvord (7 note range increase on her first day of training), and YouTube Superstar David Frank. Give me a call and let me help make your dream of becoming a great singer come true!

Artist development is a HUGE part of what I do for my clients. Appell Voice Studio has grown into a one-stop-shop for taking people with average initial ability and turning them into vocal powerhouses with great original music, a fan base and a devoted following. I operate kind of like an independent record label with artist development, music production, video production, songwriting and marketing all under one roof. You can train with me for fun just to improve your singing or take it all the way and let me help you become an artist!

If you’d like to take your voice to the next level give me a shout!

– Thomas Appell